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The Ulthera® System Control Unit

The control unit is the heart of the system. Clinicians interact with the system through a 27” touchscreen display, and central to this display is the DeepSEE® imaging window. This window provides ultrasound visualization of tissue planes down to 8mm, so clinicians know exactly where energy will be delivered. About the size of a personal computer, the control unit is compact and requires minimal room for use and storage.

The System comes complete with the Amplify software, which is proven to increase patient comfort of the procedure without impacting efficacy.


The Ulthera® System Handpiece

The Ulthera® handpiece was designed for comfort and ease of use. Its ergonomic shape optimizes control and reduces grip fatigue, while 3 strategically placed “Treat” buttons allow energy delivery from multiple angles and hand positions. Intuitive button lighting gives visual cues on handpiece status and treatment delivery. Additionally the passive-latch mechanism makes it easy to switch between transducers during treatment.

Ulthera® DeepSEE® Transducers

Ulthera® DeepSEE® transducers simultaneously image to a depth of 8mm and deliver microfocused ultrasound. Three different treatment depths are currently available - the SMAS/Platysma (4.5mm), Deep Dermis (3mm) and Superficial Dermis (1.5mm). Transducers are multi-patient use.

The Ulthera® System Cart

The Ulthera® Cart optimizes overall system usability. Holsters for the handpiece and ultrasound gel, along with a cord management system, simplify use and storage of the system. Customized drawers help organize transducers for increased accessibility and inventory management. The contemporary design of the cart also makes it look at home in any aesthetic treatment room.  

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